Bleed Less;Heal More… 

Blood does vital tasks around the clock, circulating around the body as it delivers oxygen, nutrients and vital substances when and where they are needed but as important as this process seems, many people dread the sight of this beautiful substance but are pretty unable to take an action to arrest bleeding when such emergencies arise. 

I used to remember those days as a kid when all I had learnt to do either by default or tradition was to suck up my blood anytime I had an injury. This I did because I lacked adequate knowledge that there is a clear-cut difference between the circulatory system and the digestive tract. However, there still exist a massive proportion of adults that are stuck to this ‘childish’mindset of mine

When one’s skin is cut or scraped, it begins to bleed because blood vessels in the area are damaged. Meanwhile, it is good news to know that this process helps to clean out the wound but too much bleeding can cause the body to go into shock and one starts to feel dizzy, weak, breathless,one could have an increased heart rate as well as a cold, clammy and pale skin. 

Anxiety and fear is a certain feeling that could accompany the bleeding episode but rather than being agitated, all you need do is to ;

  • Assess the situation and know when to call for help*
  • Encourage the victim to remain calm
  • Lay the victim down and elevate the bleeding site(if it’s a dependent body part-hands, legs) above the heart to slow bleeding 
  • Remove obvious debris
  • If the cut is small, wash it out with soap and clean water(Not kerosene, petrol or methylated spirit) 
  • Apply firm pressure with a clean cloth for about 10 minutes or until bleeding stops
  • Cover with a clean bandage or cloth but hospital care should be sought for an anti-tetanus vaccine or if it’s a massive injury.  

*Help is required ;

  • When the bleeding is profuse
  • When the bleeding is exceeding 15 minutes even without a profuse bleed

Do not forget to protect yourself from having direct contact with a victims blood(Always use gloves) 

Do not attempt to remove a blood soaked cloth from a bleeding site, rather you should add another cloth and continue to apply pressure on the cut for another 10 minutes 

Do not remove an object if it is embedded in the body

Do not ignore a wound that won’t stop bleeding regardless of its size. 

You don’t start healing until you stop bleeding… 


We All Are Meant To Be Life Savers… 

Losing a loved one is accompanied by different reactions ranging from sadness, depression and emotional exhaustion to guilt. While it is normal for one to be emotionally exhausted, sad or worse still depressed, it is rather abnormal to be engrossed in guilt when one loses a loved one. 

Oftentimes than not, guilt is felt when one as a close relation has failed in meeting up with the demands of the deceased-predeath, intra death or post death especially in a situation where your ignorance of basic emergency skills has contributed either directly or indirectly to the early ascension of the deceased.

Only a handful of people would be clear on what to do if they find a person laying unconscious on the floor but an ample number of people would be so unfortunate to have someone slump in their presence because they lack the littlest idea of what to do. In fact, majority of them would rather complicate the entire situation by involuntarily jerking the victim so vigorously as though this singular action would stirback the departing soul to re-existence. 

I find it pretty amazing anytime I see my client’s 6 year old son who was born in the states display effortlessly his skills in assessing peripheral pulses, performing a basic CPR and carrying out a heimlich’s manoeuvre. However, the reverse is the case over here as an average adult barely knows what to do in the advent of a bleeding emergency. We seem more cool with taking pictures of distressed victims and posting them on social media rather than being passionate about saving helpless lives. 

Little wonder we have continued to see Medical Doctors as demigods(rather than a health care provider) irrespective of their level of medical competencies, degree of education or years of clinical experience – All you need do is to enroll in a medical school, let your village people know that you will become a doctor in a couple of years and you are immediately awarded the regalia of godly reverence) 

We as human beings are mandated by God to watch over one another(love your neighbors as yourself) and acquiring the knowledge of basic emergency skills is one sure way to avoid sending our beloved to eternal oblivion for what we failed to do. Kindly join the sequel to this episode as I highlight basic actions one could take in cases of bleeding, choking, fire accident, cardiac arrest as well as other emergency conditions. 

Let’s talk ‘abnormal’ sex:The rear entry! 

Variety they say, is the spice of life. Just sit back and imagine how boring and exhausting the world would be if everyone including you was moving in a ‘seemingly normal’ direction (professionally, educationally, spiritually, socially, morally and sexually). 

… Well, talking about abnormalities. The human is a curious being. He is known for his inquisitive quest for satisfaction and pleasure and in his bid to get satisfied, he has some pretty weird preferences that look out of place when analysed by the general population of humans. Though, many amongst these general population fail to remember that one has a freedom to explore and express his preferences no matter how disgusting or abnormal such preferences are perceived to be so long as they give you the greatest pleasure that you desire and they do not affect the general public. 

One of such ‘weird’  preferences is Anal sex, common in ‘men that love men, women that love women’ and gaining popularity as well among the heterosexual community. So many people have developed diverse opinions about anal sex,some would say that it is a taboo,disgusting and painful while others would assume that it is sinful and not acceptable to God(Maybe my Bible verses are incomplete because I still haven’t found where God specifically addressed the issue of anal sex). Meanwhile, I’m unperturbed by what few people think the spiritual books say about anal sex because I have found out over the years that people adjust Biblical and Quranic interpretations based on their personal likes and dislikes… What a pity!

Anal sex is the insertion and thrusting of the erect penis into the anus and/or rectum for sexual pleasure. As with most forms of sexual activity, anal sex partners risk contracting sexually transmitted diseases but it is considered a high risk sexual practice especially if condoms and lubricants are not used because of the vulnerability of the anus and rectum. The anal and rectal tissues are delicate and do not provide natural lubricant as the vagina does, so they can easily tear and permit disease transmission. 

  • If you want to do anal, ALWAYS use a condom (for the sake of infection control) 
  • Change condoms each time you want to switch from the anus to the vagina (they contain different organisms and moving the GIT bacteria to the GUT could be critical) 
  • Remove condoms each time you want to switch from anal to oral
  • Basically, no two holes should share the same rubber. 

One may say that anal sex is too risky why then does one need to engage in it but it is also pertinent to note that nothing in life especially when it comes to having pleasure and fun is risk-free. If you are cool with it, go for it(Enough of the conventional daddy and mummy style). 

However,for the sake of clarity. No source has linked anal sex to the development of anal or rectal cancer but does it lead to the development of hemorrhoids, YES!

Caveat:I’m not in any way making a case for the homosexual community but I just feel that this sexual practice should not be totally written off because what dissatisfies you is what satisfies someone else(one man’s meat is another man’s poison) and the fact that it doesnt look normal and you are not cool with it doesn’t make it out-rightly wrong nor abnormal. 

Prevention is key. If you must indulge in it, put the right measures in place… Anal sex without lubricants and condoms is like a man without sense.

We can, I can! The Struggle Against Cancer…

My journey through life has been full of experiences- good, bad and ugly but no matter how bad or ugly I perceive these experiences to be, I’m absolutely sure that they cannot withstand the terrific ones victims of cancers are currently passing through. 

Meanwhile, it remains a sad tale how only few out of these people would survive this phase as two of my very dear patients whom I never knew would lose the cancer fight each lost the battle to colon cancer and muscle cancer. I’m sure most of you would be baffled about the muscle cancer stuff. Like seriously, you don’t need to. All you need do is to wake up to the fact that cancers affect nearly all tissues of the body. Infact, the irony of it all is the tricky nature in which cancers have chosen to operate,it is very convincing that death is unavoidable even after it excels in draining the physical, financial and emotional strength of most of its victims and relations but rather than allowing the victims pass straight up, it plays with the minds and tortured emotions of both the victims and the relations by masking the victim’s pains and exhaustion with a sudden feeling of wellbeing, brightness and unfathomable strength and when everyone thinks these patients are coming up and recuperating, the deadly menace abruptly interrupts these feelings with such a great subtlety just like the Nigerian electricity providers and leave the relations in partial or total darkness depending on the vacuum occupied by who just died… Hmmm! It’s so sad. However, the question that occupies everyone’s mind as we celebrate world cancer day today remains;WHAT COULD BE DONE TO REDUCE THE GLOBAL BURDEN OF CANCER?

The best answer to this question remains AWARENESS simply because it remains  a basic means of reducing the global burden of cancer and this I create with great pleasure using the Bee jay’s blog as a platform. 

Cancer is a malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division. It can affect anyone irrespective of the age, race, gender, social or economic status but you may be more at risk if you have a family history of cancer or if you are exposed to cancer causing chemicals and substances. 

CAUTION was put together so you can be aware of the basic early signs of cancer. However, having any of the signs below doesn’t mean you have cancer. Only a visit to the doctor for proper assessment would proffer the right diagnosis. 

C-changes in bowel or bladder habits

A-a sore that doesn’t heal in time

U-unusual bleeding or discharge 

T-thickening of breast/testicular tissue or lump

I – indigestion or difficulty swallowing 

O-obvious changes in warts or moles

N-nagging cough. 

Although, there hasn’t been a convincing argument that explains whether one has the power to prevent cancer or not but putting some of the mechanisms below into play could help one forestall to some extent it’s occurrence:

  • Early visit to the hospital when you notice something weird or unusual about you. 
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle (exercise and diet) 
  • Avoiding exposures to known cancer causing substances(alcohol, tobacco, sunlight, ultraviolet /radioactive waves) 
  • Getting vaccinations against some kind of cancers(liver and cervical cancers) 

    Everyone including you has a role to play in reducing the global burden of cancer. The fight against cancer concerns you and me. Let’s take action today because we never know whose lives our actions would affect positively.

    …We Can, I Can! 

    Sneaky Affections: A glance at my infection story… 

    Last week was hell  of a week for my ‘John Thomas’… Could you believe that i had no idea whatsoever the gravity of discomfort attached with urinary tract infections (UTIs) when I see people exhibit it’s characteristic features. All I could say about it before last week were all I was taught about it while I was in school coupled with all I read about it in books, mags and online. However, the saying ‘personal experience is the best teacher’ cannot be better understood than this. 

    Oops! I must admit that my man tool saw pepper… I think it’s fire sef because the burning sensation I had down there, oh my gosh! (I couldn’t deal). Come to think of it sef, I guess I was so careless to have been infected with urethritis a kind of UTI (some ‘moods n emotions’ could just be too overwhelming sometimes and you only realise how stupidly you have acted after you are relieved of your orgasmic euphoria) but luckily for me, identifying and treating what I had was no big deal (no small thanks to Nursing). Meanwhile, I’m sure you don’t have the intentions of asking me how I got infected(Aswear! That would just pass for a jamb question). 

    Urinary tract infections(UTIs) are infections that invade the organs and tubes(kidneys, bladder, urethra) that pass urine out of the body. They are mostly caused by bacteria (escherichia coli.) which have the tendency to move from the anus to the urethra either manually or spontaneously. They could sometimes be gotten during sex. Ladies are more at risk due to the proximity of their urethral opening to the anus. Most infected people usually show localised signs and symptoms while few might show some general ones if it has moved above the bladder;

    • Burning  feeling on urination 
    • Frequent or intense urge to urinate even though the urine only comes out in little quantities 
    • Urine dribbling (leaking) 
    • Back/lower abdominal pain of the bladder or kidneys are involved 
    • Cloudy, dark, bloody or strong smelling urine
    • Feeling tired or shaky
    • Fever and chills

    UTIs could be prevented by;

    • Drinking lots of water to flush your system 
    • Emptying your bladder more often… Don’t try to hold urine for too long
    • Keeping your genital area dry by wearing cotton underwear and loose fitting clothing. 
    • Avoiding tight jeans and nylon underwear as they can trap moisture (an ideal environment for bacteria)
    • Ladies- choose showers over baths; cleanse your genital area before and after sex;urinate after sex to flush out any intruding bacteria from your urethra; wipe from front to back after using the toilet so you don’t move bacteria from the anus to the urethra;stay away from feminine hygiene sprays, douches etc as they may irritate your genital area. 

    If you suspect you have UTIs, see your Healthcare giver. You will be asked to provide a urine sample that will be tested for UTIs causing bacteria. The major treatment regimens are antibiotics. 

    Masturbation: Myths and Facts. 

    Talking about Masturbation or even thinking about it for many people is a taboo. 

    However, the reluctance of talking about this has made so many people attach a couple of myths to the habit which have sprung from one generation to another. So many people are still fixated to the misconceptions that ;

    • It is addictive (it is not a mental issue except it starts to affect your activities of daily living) 
    • It makes you gay
    • It causes infertility 
    • It makes your penis shrink, change in appearance or texture
    • It causes blindness

    All these and more are totally false and thinking that they are true may cause one to feel unnecessarily uncomfortable, guilty, afraid and ashamed especially those who received negative teachings about Masturbation when they were younger. But really, why threaten your health and wellbeing while neglecting the fact that Masturbation is a natural and healthy habit. 

    This habit as a matter of fact and rigorous researches;

    1. Relieves sexual tension in people with no sexual partners
    2. Makes you achieve sexual pleasure and satisfaction as a lady especially when your guy is an usain bolt in bed
    3. Improves your mental health as it leads to production of hormones that calm you and make you act normal
    4. Protects you from sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies as you can play with yourself without  jumping up n dan for sex
    5. Permits you to explore yourself, know what excites and gives you that mind blowing orgasm and also to know the type of touch that turns you on(nipple stroking/sucking, ear tonguing, pussy eating, neck/thigh kissing, rimming)especially if it is a mutual Masturbation
    6. Helps you to learn about your sexuality(straight, gay, lesbianism, peeping tomism)by finding out what fantasy and sight turns you on
    7. Makes you feel good and develop a sense of well being
    8.  Helps you last longer because you can train yourself to delay ejaculation and Shey you know that practice leads to perfection 
    9. Prevents insomnia because the feel good hormones produced calm your brain
    10. Prevents prostate cancer according to a recent study 
    11. Increases self esteem/boosts your mood because of these same feel good hormones that lift your spirit and make you high as if you are on some natural form of ‘coke’
    12. Relieves menstrual cramps/muscle tension
    13. Strengthens your dick muscles as a guy making you rock hard down there as if you are on some unchecked doses of viagra 
    14. Strengthens your Pelvic and anal areas as a lady reducing your risk of uterine prolapse(the womb shifting from the Pelvic cavity into or out of the vagina)So why then would you still want to ignore these numerous benefits Masturbation has to offer when you can explore your sexuality, express it and experience it with massive joy and gladness of heart. 

    Masturbation is a natural habit… Explore it as you wish! 

    Masturbation:Healthy or Harmful? 🔞!

    “If you were given a dollar for each time you masturbated, what priced possession could you boast of?” 

    This was a question asked when a vox pop was carried out among a set of individuals (young and old)in Lagos and what amazed me was their sincere responses and openness to the question. Really, gone are the days when people shy away from questions like this.

    One guy said he would have acquired a mansion on Banana Island(A place in Lagos, Nigeria occupied by the crème de la crème ) while another lady said that she would have been a rightful owner of an i-phone 7. These responses brought me to the realization that people have no chill at all when it comes to Masturbation.

     But should I be surprised? Even me as I dey like this has lost count of the number of times I have jerked off(these days sef, I do it on a regular and I think I would have been a proud owner of a latest automobile if I was given a dollar for each masturbation but you don’t have to crucify me on this, at least it is better than sleeping with different people up n Dan) 

     Just  about everyone masturbates including you,even amongst those with sexual partners, this habit is not uncommon.

     Infact,many people think Ladies do not masturbate(maybe they had a change of thought sha after d chidinma-cucumber era) .

    Ladies actually do but maybe on a smaller scale compared to the number of guys that jerk off. However, It is known that guys masturbate more often than ladies and this is because we guys get easily turned on by almost everything around us -images, thoughts and individuals(those in skirts as well as those in trousers… If you know what I mean).

    Masturbation is the stimulation (touching, stroking or massaging) of the genitals (penis or clitoris) either by self or by a partner to achieve sexual pleasure to the point of orgasm.It has different names to different people while some people term it as jerking off, some simply call it wanking or onanism. 

    Meanwhile,the question which I would really want to bring to the fore and which has been generating a lot of argument is whether Masturbation is a beneficial or a harmful habit.

    You will agree with me that many people are opposed to this habit especially people of one religious faith or the other but I wonder if I give a hoot about whether they think it is a good or a bad thing to masturbate. Going by my health focused perspective on Bee jay’s  health and lifestyle blog, I think Masturbation does more benefit  than harm both personally and socially regardless of the perspective from which the religious bodies look at it. 

    While I leave you to dissect this and probably decide which side you stand(Pro-Masturbation or Anti-Masturbation), I would like you to join me on the concluding episode of this topic where I will give reasons why I believe Masturbation is a healthy habit rather than a harmful one. 


    New year resolutions are not my thing because I have always struggled so hard to see them through the first 31days of the year but I hardly succeed in seeing them through the first week.Therefore,i decided to give up the struggle long ago instead of rolling in circles of self deception. 

    Really, this doesn’t go for everyone because  few people still excel with their resolutions but majority’s found themselves an escape route through the window even before the first sunset of the year (it isn’t your fault niccur, I know how hard it is to keep up with it). 

    By the way, it is still the first week of the year and everyone is still very much excited about its arrival regardless of whether or not you have a resolution to keep up with. Incase you do not have one, I have decided to draw up some realistic DO NOT practices you should steer clear of as you countdown the year and even if you have multitudes of them, there is no problem if you also strive to observe these few DO NOTS especially if you are guilty of doing any of them before now:

    • Do not oversnack, even when you are hungry(this practice has no nutritional benefit, it just gives you more calories than you actually need. Opting for fruits would be be an awesome idea) 
    • Do not spend too much time on the couch, bed or floor watching TV. It makes you unnecessarily idle and lazy,weakens your bones and other supporting tissues (even if you hang in the air to watch it, just reduce the number of hours spent on doing this. Some folks can watch Zee world, Telemundo and Televista as if their survival depend on it ). 
    • Do not overspend your way into debt or borrowing (for God’s sake, it is not mandatory that you get everything that flashes before your eyes or through your mind) learn to save for the rainy days especially in this time of economic downturn…  
    • Do not eat too much fast foods, home made food is the in thing(fast foods contain too much sodium and preservatives than your body can condone. Please lady if you are a bad cook, use this 2017 to perfect your skills because no responsible guy is ready to walk down the isle with a fast food girl except he is a chewing gum boy and I doubt if chewing gum boys see marriage as a priority sef) 
    • Do not skip breakfast(This is the most important meal of the day and it is so because your brain has gone through enough starvation over the night already and you shouldn’t add to its predicament if you do not want to have a malfunctional or degenerated brain in the long run. It will not be nice if you start to become a fool at 40…just saying) 
    • Do not drink too much alcohol because you are not my friend-jude’s cakes(It is only jude’s cakes that I know consume bottles of alcohol at a sitting and the reason is understandable)respect your liver and kidneys. 
    • Do not smoke cigarettes, skunk, hooka, weed etc. (except you have an exhaust pipe sticking outta your butt) 
    • Do not overuse or abuse painkillers (yes! I understand that they help you to relief pains and sleep better but Shey you know that as beneficial as they seem, they also contain toxic contents that could be harmful to your body) 
    • Do not bite your nails(except you are the scientist that found out the anti aging micro-nutrient hidden in it). Maybe you will start biting your friend’s own sha when you exhaust yours.  
    • Ladies, Do not wear the wrong shoes all in the name of fashion or looking sexy and you now look like a day old calf that is just learning how to walk for the first time…pullease!you need to stop and I mean it or do you want to ruin your legs? 
    • Do not increase your  body count aka do not fornicate! (I know how interesting it is to meet new people everyday and how fun it is to try out new sex styles with a new folk. I obviously do not have a problem with u fucking new people, but it becomes problematic when you make it seem as though there is an existing world record that needs to be broken) Rethink! 

    These and more are practices that need to be stopped as soon as possible. 

    Stay blessed!  


    Within the past few hours, I have been accused by so many people for not sending them a happy-new-year message as it is routinely done by most people in the preceeding hours of the new year and few days afterwards. 

    To be honest, I wasn’t just in the mood for such norm maybe because while others were ushering in the new year, I was on a hospital duty with my poor and demanding patients who I wanted at all cost to survive 2016 and this did not allow me ample time for such frenzy.

     But you know what?! I’m  so freaking excited to know that every of my padis dem made the triumphant entry into the new year-2017.Congratulobia! 

    2016 was indeed a dramatic year where series of scenes were played in various spheres across the Nation and beyond. From the headies saga(olamide/jazzy), celebrity break ups(Tiwa/Teebillz), misplaced and padded budgets(still unsure if the 2016 budget has stopped menstruating), celebrity deaths(Prince, Muhammed Alli, papa wemba, OJB, No more loss, bukky Ajayi),the DSS/Judges action film, the red headed trump winning the US presidential seat, 

    the rise of Bobrisky(oshrrrrreeyy barddest), presumed increment in data tariffs to the great economic recession in Nigeria which led to the advent of the ponzi scheme-Moku Mogbe Modaran(aka MMM) that has left millions of people stranded but hopeful that the scheme will be unfrozen come January 2017

    (This is January sha and we are still hopeful) and as if we haven’t had our fill for the year, the headies decided to round off the year again with a snubbing saga between the famous starboy and the infamous Caesar(May God deliver all of ’em) 

    Though, 2016 is finally gone,and all I could wish for my esteemed readers/followers, lovers and fuckers is a happy, prosperous and HEALTHY 2017 as Bee jay’s blog will continue to provide you with helpful and  preventive health tips that would make you survive 2017. Before I forget,on behalf of the APC government I tender my sincere apologies to you all for the unavoidable economic downturn and aggressive increase in dollar rates(you know that it is not our fault… It is an inherited time bomb that has decided to explode in our administration). The market women sef are not helping matters, commodities that have no business with the dollar rates sef are being affected by the elevation. Please bear with US! This will be a bright year for us all…Now you know why this is a new year salad, Right? (Its a combination of memories,  events plus apologies). 

    … ‘Attuned to Healthiness’


    This month actually makes it four years that i was diagnosed of having a particular kind of disorder (an eye disorder – short sightedness/myopia/near vision)


    out of the multitude that exist but since then i have continued to create a clearer picture from the one time failing visual acuity as i have also come to learn over the period of these four years that not everyone can rock this defect like my potentially close bloke and i rock it. Infact, i have continued to rock it to the extent that most people with good eye sight sef are beginning to envy my defect.


    Only few people might be aware that the second Thursday of October is set aside annually to celebrate the world sight day.


    This year’s celebration was actually for yesterday and in the spirit of this, i have decided to take some time off work to write up a post regarding the day after a brief pause from blogging basically due to my busy and fragmented work schedules.


    The eye is the organ of sight, the king of the body and also the light of human existence. Nothing in this world can be compared to a functional eyesight as you would agree with me that any problem with the eye causes a visual disturbance which invariably disrupts a person’s role performance, safety and activities of daily living.
    Talking about eye disorders, my focus for no other reason is on glaucoma because this disorder is now becoming more prevalent in recent years than in the past.


    Glaucoma is an eye disease that occurs when there is a build up of pressure inside the eye. Normally, the eye contains fluid which flows out of the eye through a mesh-like channel. If this channel becomes blocked, fluid builds up causing the pressure within the eye to increase and if this raise is not looked into promptly, there could be a damage to the optic nerve which transmits images from the eye to the brain thereby causing partial or total loss of vision.
    No apparent cause exists but there are some well defined risk factors that include;
    °Family history /hereditary
    °Age (>40)
    °Race(Blacks,Asians etc)
    °Eye trauma and other eye diseases
    It is usually called a ‘silent thief of vision’ just as hypertension is called a silent killer because both apparently show no early symptom.
    Meanwhile , some late symptoms include;
    °Sudden eye pain
    °Persistent headaches
    °Blurry vision
    °Redness in the eye
    °Nausea or vomiting
    °Narrowing of vision


    °Seeing halos around lights
    °Loss of side vision


    °Complete vision loss which cannot be restored
    Detection is mainly by eye examination (Tonometry) to


    check the eye pressure which should be done at least once or twice in a year
    Glaucoma cannot be prevented but if it is detected and treated early, the damage can be controlled by the use of ;
    °Medicated eye drops to reduce the formation of fluid in the front of the eye


    °Eye surgery.
    No part of the body can take the place of the eye, it is therefore an obligation for each and every one of you reading this post to be proactive to the matters of your health rather than being reactive because delay can be grievous.
    Go have your eye checked today.