We can, I can! The Struggle Against Cancer…

My journey through life has been full of experiences- good, bad and ugly but no matter how bad or ugly I perceive these experiences to be, I’m absolutely sure that they cannot withstand the terrific ones victims of cancers are currently passing through. 

Meanwhile, it remains a sad tale how only few out of these people would survive this phase as two of my very dear patients whom I never knew would lose the cancer fight each lost the battle to colon cancer and muscle cancer. I’m sure most of you would be baffled about the muscle cancer stuff. Like seriously, you don’t need to. All you need do is to wake up to the fact that cancers affect nearly all tissues of the body. Infact, the irony of it all is the tricky nature in which cancers have chosen to operate,it is very convincing that death is unavoidable even after it excels in draining the physical, financial and emotional strength of most of its victims and relations but rather than allowing the victims pass straight up, it plays with the minds and tortured emotions of both the victims and the relations by masking the victim’s pains and exhaustion with a sudden feeling of wellbeing, brightness and unfathomable strength and when everyone thinks these patients are coming up and recuperating, the deadly menace abruptly interrupts these feelings with such a great subtlety just like the Nigerian electricity providers and leave the relations in partial or total darkness depending on the vacuum occupied by who just died… Hmmm! It’s so sad. However, the question that occupies everyone’s mind as we celebrate world cancer day today remains;WHAT COULD BE DONE TO REDUCE THE GLOBAL BURDEN OF CANCER?

The best answer to this question remains AWARENESS simply because it remains  a basic means of reducing the global burden of cancer and this I create with great pleasure using the Bee jay’s blog as a platform. 

Cancer is a malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division. It can affect anyone irrespective of the age, race, gender, social or economic status but you may be more at risk if you have a family history of cancer or if you are exposed to cancer causing chemicals and substances. 

CAUTION was put together so you can be aware of the basic early signs of cancer. However, having any of the signs below doesn’t mean you have cancer. Only a visit to the doctor for proper assessment would proffer the right diagnosis. 

C-changes in bowel or bladder habits

A-a sore that doesn’t heal in time

U-unusual bleeding or discharge 

T-thickening of breast/testicular tissue or lump

I – indigestion or difficulty swallowing 

O-obvious changes in warts or moles

N-nagging cough. 

Although, there hasn’t been a convincing argument that explains whether one has the power to prevent cancer or not but putting some of the mechanisms below into play could help one forestall to some extent it’s occurrence:

  • Early visit to the hospital when you notice something weird or unusual about you. 
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle (exercise and diet) 
  • Avoiding exposures to known cancer causing substances(alcohol, tobacco, sunlight, ultraviolet /radioactive waves) 
  • Getting vaccinations against some kind of cancers(liver and cervical cancers) 

    Everyone including you has a role to play in reducing the global burden of cancer. The fight against cancer concerns you and me. Let’s take action today because we never know whose lives our actions would affect positively.

    …We Can, I Can! 


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