New year resolutions are not my thing because I have always struggled so hard to see them through the first 31days of the year but I hardly succeed in seeing them through the first week.Therefore,i decided to give up the struggle long ago instead of rolling in circles of self deception. 

Really, this doesn’t go for everyone because  few people still excel with their resolutions but majority’s found themselves an escape route through the window even before the first sunset of the year (it isn’t your fault niccur, I know how hard it is to keep up with it). 

By the way, it is still the first week of the year and everyone is still very much excited about its arrival regardless of whether or not you have a resolution to keep up with. Incase you do not have one, I have decided to draw up some realistic DO NOT practices you should steer clear of as you countdown the year and even if you have multitudes of them, there is no problem if you also strive to observe these few DO NOTS especially if you are guilty of doing any of them before now:

  • Do not oversnack, even when you are hungry(this practice has no nutritional benefit, it just gives you more calories than you actually need. Opting for fruits would be be an awesome idea) 
  • Do not spend too much time on the couch, bed or floor watching TV. It makes you unnecessarily idle and lazy,weakens your bones and other supporting tissues (even if you hang in the air to watch it, just reduce the number of hours spent on doing this. Some folks can watch Zee world, Telemundo and Televista as if their survival depend on it ). 
  • Do not overspend your way into debt or borrowing (for God’s sake, it is not mandatory that you get everything that flashes before your eyes or through your mind) learn to save for the rainy days especially in this time of economic downturn…  
  • Do not eat too much fast foods, home made food is the in thing(fast foods contain too much sodium and preservatives than your body can condone. Please lady if you are a bad cook, use this 2017 to perfect your skills because no responsible guy is ready to walk down the isle with a fast food girl except he is a chewing gum boy and I doubt if chewing gum boys see marriage as a priority sef) 
  • Do not skip breakfast(This is the most important meal of the day and it is so because your brain has gone through enough starvation over the night already and you shouldn’t add to its predicament if you do not want to have a malfunctional or degenerated brain in the long run. It will not be nice if you start to become a fool at 40…just saying) 
  • Do not drink too much alcohol because you are not my friend-jude’s cakes(It is only jude’s cakes that I know consume bottles of alcohol at a sitting and the reason is understandable)respect your liver and kidneys. 
  • Do not smoke cigarettes, skunk, hooka, weed etc. (except you have an exhaust pipe sticking outta your butt) 
  • Do not overuse or abuse painkillers (yes! I understand that they help you to relief pains and sleep better but Shey you know that as beneficial as they seem, they also contain toxic contents that could be harmful to your body) 
  • Do not bite your nails(except you are the scientist that found out the anti aging micro-nutrient hidden in it). Maybe you will start biting your friend’s own sha when you exhaust yours.  
  • Ladies, Do not wear the wrong shoes all in the name of fashion or looking sexy and you now look like a day old calf that is just learning how to walk for the first time…pullease!you need to stop and I mean it or do you want to ruin your legs? 
  • Do not increase your  body count aka do not fornicate! (I know how interesting it is to meet new people everyday and how fun it is to try out new sex styles with a new folk. I obviously do not have a problem with u fucking new people, but it becomes problematic when you make it seem as though there is an existing world record that needs to be broken) Rethink! 

These and more are practices that need to be stopped as soon as possible. 

Stay blessed!  



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