Within the past few hours, I have been accused by so many people for not sending them a happy-new-year message as it is routinely done by most people in the preceeding hours of the new year and few days afterwards. 

To be honest, I wasn’t just in the mood for such norm maybe because while others were ushering in the new year, I was on a hospital duty with my poor and demanding patients who I wanted at all cost to survive 2016 and this did not allow me ample time for such frenzy.

 But you know what?! I’m  so freaking excited to know that every of my padis dem made the triumphant entry into the new year-2017.Congratulobia! 

2016 was indeed a dramatic year where series of scenes were played in various spheres across the Nation and beyond. From the headies saga(olamide/jazzy), celebrity break ups(Tiwa/Teebillz), misplaced and padded budgets(still unsure if the 2016 budget has stopped menstruating), celebrity deaths(Prince, Muhammed Alli, papa wemba, OJB, No more loss, bukky Ajayi),the DSS/Judges action film, the red headed trump winning the US presidential seat, 

the rise of Bobrisky(oshrrrrreeyy barddest), presumed increment in data tariffs to the great economic recession in Nigeria which led to the advent of the ponzi scheme-Moku Mogbe Modaran(aka MMM) that has left millions of people stranded but hopeful that the scheme will be unfrozen come January 2017

(This is January sha and we are still hopeful) and as if we haven’t had our fill for the year, the headies decided to round off the year again with a snubbing saga between the famous starboy and the infamous Caesar(May God deliver all of ’em) 

Though, 2016 is finally gone,and all I could wish for my esteemed readers/followers, lovers and fuckers is a happy, prosperous and HEALTHY 2017 as Bee jay’s blog will continue to provide you with helpful and  preventive health tips that would make you survive 2017. Before I forget,on behalf of the APC government I tender my sincere apologies to you all for the unavoidable economic downturn and aggressive increase in dollar rates(you know that it is not our fault… It is an inherited time bomb that has decided to explode in our administration). The market women sef are not helping matters, commodities that have no business with the dollar rates sef are being affected by the elevation. Please bear with US! This will be a bright year for us all…Now you know why this is a new year salad, Right? (Its a combination of memories,  events plus apologies). 

… ‘Attuned to Healthiness’


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