This month actually makes it four years that i was diagnosed of having a particular kind of disorder (an eye disorder – short sightedness/myopia/near vision)


out of the multitude that exist but since then i have continued to create a clearer picture from the one time failing visual acuity as i have also come to learn over the period of these four years that not everyone can rock this defect like my potentially close bloke and i rock it. Infact, i have continued to rock it to the extent that most people with good eye sight sef are beginning to envy my defect.


Only few people might be aware that the second Thursday of October is set aside annually to celebrate the world sight day.


This year’s celebration was actually for yesterday and in the spirit of this, i have decided to take some time off work to write up a post regarding the day after a brief pause from blogging basically due to my busy and fragmented work schedules.


The eye is the organ of sight, the king of the body and also the light of human existence. Nothing in this world can be compared to a functional eyesight as you would agree with me that any problem with the eye causes a visual disturbance which invariably disrupts a person’s role performance, safety and activities of daily living.
Talking about eye disorders, my focus for no other reason is on glaucoma because this disorder is now becoming more prevalent in recent years than in the past.


Glaucoma is an eye disease that occurs when there is a build up of pressure inside the eye. Normally, the eye contains fluid which flows out of the eye through a mesh-like channel. If this channel becomes blocked, fluid builds up causing the pressure within the eye to increase and if this raise is not looked into promptly, there could be a damage to the optic nerve which transmits images from the eye to the brain thereby causing partial or total loss of vision.
No apparent cause exists but there are some well defined risk factors that include;
°Family history /hereditary
°Age (>40)
°Race(Blacks,Asians etc)
°Eye trauma and other eye diseases
It is usually called a ‘silent thief of vision’ just as hypertension is called a silent killer because both apparently show no early symptom.
Meanwhile , some late symptoms include;
°Sudden eye pain
°Persistent headaches
°Blurry vision
°Redness in the eye
°Nausea or vomiting
°Narrowing of vision


°Seeing halos around lights
°Loss of side vision


°Complete vision loss which cannot be restored
Detection is mainly by eye examination (Tonometry) to


check the eye pressure which should be done at least once or twice in a year
Glaucoma cannot be prevented but if it is detected and treated early, the damage can be controlled by the use of ;
°Medicated eye drops to reduce the formation of fluid in the front of the eye


°Eye surgery.
No part of the body can take the place of the eye, it is therefore an obligation for each and every one of you reading this post to be proactive to the matters of your health rather than being reactive because delay can be grievous.
Go have your eye checked today.



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