Let’s talk ‘abnormal’ sex:The rear entry! 

Variety they say, is the spice of life. Just sit back and imagine how boring and exhausting the world would be if everyone including you was moving in a ‘seemingly normal’ direction (professionally, educationally, spiritually, socially, morally and sexually). 

… Well, talking about abnormalities. The human is a curious being. He is known for his inquisitive quest for satisfaction and pleasure and in his bid to get satisfied, he has some pretty weird preferences that look out of place when analysed by the general population of humans. Though, many amongst these general population fail to remember that one has a freedom to explore and express his preferences no matter how disgusting or abnormal such preferences are perceived to be so long as they give you the greatest pleasure that you desire and they do not affect the general public. 

One of such ‘weird’  preferences is Anal sex, common in ‘men that love men, women that love women’ and gaining popularity as well among the heterosexual community. So many people have developed diverse opinions about anal sex,some would say that it is a taboo,disgusting and painful while others would assume that it is sinful and not acceptable to God(Maybe my Bible verses are incomplete because I still haven’t found where God specifically addressed the issue of anal sex). Meanwhile, I’m unperturbed by what few people think the spiritual books say about anal sex because I have found out over the years that people adjust Biblical and Quranic interpretations based on their personal likes and dislikes… What a pity!

Anal sex is the insertion and thrusting of the erect penis into the anus and/or rectum for sexual pleasure. As with most forms of sexual activity, anal sex partners risk contracting sexually transmitted diseases but it is considered a high risk sexual practice especially if condoms and lubricants are not used because of the vulnerability of the anus and rectum. The anal and rectal tissues are delicate and do not provide natural lubricant as the vagina does, so they can easily tear and permit disease transmission. 

  • If you want to do anal, ALWAYS use a condom (for the sake of infection control) 
  • Change condoms each time you want to switch from the anus to the vagina (they contain different organisms and moving the GIT bacteria to the GUT could be critical) 
  • Remove condoms each time you want to switch from anal to oral
  • Basically, no two holes should share the same rubber. 

One may say that anal sex is too risky why then does one need to engage in it but it is also pertinent to note that nothing in life especially when it comes to having pleasure and fun is risk-free. If you are cool with it, go for it(Enough of the conventional daddy and mummy style). 

However,for the sake of clarity. No source has linked anal sex to the development of anal or rectal cancer but does it lead to the development of hemorrhoids, YES!

Caveat:I’m not in any way making a case for the homosexual community but I just feel that this sexual practice should not be totally written off because what dissatisfies you is what satisfies someone else(one man’s meat is another man’s poison) and the fact that it doesnt look normal and you are not cool with it doesn’t make it out-rightly wrong nor abnormal. 

Prevention is key. If you must indulge in it, put the right measures in place… Anal sex without lubricants and condoms is like a man without sense.


8 Replies to “Let’s talk ‘abnormal’ sex:The rear entry! ”

    1. Your opinion! The article was objective because someone out there considers it good… So long as the act remains a private practice, each individual should be given the freedom to express his sexual tendencies without criticism.


  1. Anal sex is totally wrong. That place is meant for waste disposal and not for sex and thats why when used for sex, it exposes one to danger and danger alone.

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