Masturbation: Myths and Facts. 

Talking about Masturbation or even thinking about it for many people is a taboo. 

However, the reluctance of talking about this has made so many people attach a couple of myths to the habit which have sprung from one generation to another. So many people are still fixated to the misconceptions that ;

  • It is addictive (it is not a mental issue except it starts to affect your activities of daily living) 
  • It makes you gay
  • It causes infertility 
  • It makes your penis shrink, change in appearance or texture
  • It causes blindness

All these and more are totally false and thinking that they are true may cause one to feel unnecessarily uncomfortable, guilty, afraid and ashamed especially those who received negative teachings about Masturbation when they were younger. But really, why threaten your health and wellbeing while neglecting the fact that Masturbation is a natural and healthy habit. 

This habit as a matter of fact and rigorous researches;

  1. Relieves sexual tension in people with no sexual partners
  2. Makes you achieve sexual pleasure and satisfaction as a lady especially when your guy is an usain bolt in bed
  3. Improves your mental health as it leads to production of hormones that calm you and make you act normal
  4. Protects you from sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies as you can play with yourself without  jumping up n dan for sex
  5. Permits you to explore yourself, know what excites and gives you that mind blowing orgasm and also to know the type of touch that turns you on(nipple stroking/sucking, ear tonguing, pussy eating, neck/thigh kissing, rimming)especially if it is a mutual Masturbation
  6. Helps you to learn about your sexuality(straight, gay, lesbianism, peeping tomism)by finding out what fantasy and sight turns you on
  7. Makes you feel good and develop a sense of well being
  8.  Helps you last longer because you can train yourself to delay ejaculation and Shey you know that practice leads to perfection 
  9. Prevents insomnia because the feel good hormones produced calm your brain
  10. Prevents prostate cancer according to a recent study 
  11. Increases self esteem/boosts your mood because of these same feel good hormones that lift your spirit and make you high as if you are on some natural form of ‘coke’
  12. Relieves menstrual cramps/muscle tension
  13. Strengthens your dick muscles as a guy making you rock hard down there as if you are on some unchecked doses of viagra 
  14. Strengthens your Pelvic and anal areas as a lady reducing your risk of uterine prolapse(the womb shifting from the Pelvic cavity into or out of the vagina)So why then would you still want to ignore these numerous benefits Masturbation has to offer when you can explore your sexuality, express it and experience it with massive joy and gladness of heart. 

Masturbation is a natural habit… Explore it as you wish! 


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