Masturbation:Healthy or Harmful? 🔞!

“If you were given a dollar for each time you masturbated, what priced possession could you boast of?” 

This was a question asked when a vox pop was carried out among a set of individuals (young and old)in Lagos and what amazed me was their sincere responses and openness to the question. Really, gone are the days when people shy away from questions like this.

One guy said he would have acquired a mansion on Banana Island(A place in Lagos, Nigeria occupied by the crème de la crème ) while another lady said that she would have been a rightful owner of an i-phone 7. These responses brought me to the realization that people have no chill at all when it comes to Masturbation.

 But should I be surprised? Even me as I dey like this has lost count of the number of times I have jerked off(these days sef, I do it on a regular and I think I would have been a proud owner of a latest automobile if I was given a dollar for each masturbation but you don’t have to crucify me on this, at least it is better than sleeping with different people up n Dan) 

 Just  about everyone masturbates including you,even amongst those with sexual partners, this habit is not uncommon.

 Infact,many people think Ladies do not masturbate(maybe they had a change of thought sha after d chidinma-cucumber era) .

Ladies actually do but maybe on a smaller scale compared to the number of guys that jerk off. However, It is known that guys masturbate more often than ladies and this is because we guys get easily turned on by almost everything around us -images, thoughts and individuals(those in skirts as well as those in trousers… If you know what I mean).

Masturbation is the stimulation (touching, stroking or massaging) of the genitals (penis or clitoris) either by self or by a partner to achieve sexual pleasure to the point of orgasm.It has different names to different people while some people term it as jerking off, some simply call it wanking or onanism. 

Meanwhile,the question which I would really want to bring to the fore and which has been generating a lot of argument is whether Masturbation is a beneficial or a harmful habit.

You will agree with me that many people are opposed to this habit especially people of one religious faith or the other but I wonder if I give a hoot about whether they think it is a good or a bad thing to masturbate. Going by my health focused perspective on Bee jay’s  health and lifestyle blog, I think Masturbation does more benefit  than harm both personally and socially regardless of the perspective from which the religious bodies look at it. 

While I leave you to dissect this and probably decide which side you stand(Pro-Masturbation or Anti-Masturbation), I would like you to join me on the concluding episode of this topic where I will give reasons why I believe Masturbation is a healthy habit rather than a harmful one. 


2 Replies to “Masturbation:Healthy or Harmful? 🔞!”

  1. LOL OK I gotta say that I was kinda shocked to see the pics that went along with this post. You have some balls for sure. I have seen my share of “dick pics” in the 7 years that I’ve been divorced to last me quite some time. I agree that men masturbate more than women & for the reasons you stated. Men are very visual creatures. Now…as for me..I have to think of a really good fantasy in my head & go from there..though that doesn’t always work anymore. I would definitely be able to go on some vacations with that money i would have made though!! lol I don’t masterbate near as much as I did when I was younger. When I do it now, it’s mostly for the stress relief or I’m hoping it will help me fall asleep like it used to. Other times, I find myself “boring” & don’t even finish before I’m asleep. Yes it’s better than sleeping with a bunch of different people & I usually don’t have the “Big O” when I’m with someone anyway. Yet I miss the connection & yes even love with someone. Anyway, I feel that masterbation is healthy & anyone who is against it for religious reasons really need to lighten up & quit putting their hang ups on their kids.


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