We All Are Meant To Be Life Savers… 

Losing a loved one is accompanied by different reactions ranging from sadness, depression and emotional exhaustion to guilt. While it is normal for one to be emotionally exhausted, sad or worse still depressed, it is rather abnormal to be engrossed in guilt when one loses a loved one. 

Oftentimes than not, guilt is felt when one as a close relation has failed in meeting up with the demands of the deceased-predeath, intra death or post death especially in a situation where your ignorance of basic emergency skills has contributed either directly or indirectly to the early ascension of the deceased.

Only a handful of people would be clear on what to do if they find a person laying unconscious on the floor but an ample number of people would be so unfortunate to have someone slump in their presence because they lack the littlest idea of what to do. In fact, majority of them would rather complicate the entire situation by involuntarily jerking the victim so vigorously as though this singular action would stirback the departing soul to re-existence. 

I find it pretty amazing anytime I see my client’s 6 year old son who was born in the states display effortlessly his skills in assessing peripheral pulses, performing a basic CPR and carrying out a heimlich’s manoeuvre. However, the reverse is the case over here as an average adult barely knows what to do in the advent of a bleeding emergency. We seem more cool with taking pictures of distressed victims and posting them on social media rather than being passionate about saving helpless lives. 

Little wonder we have continued to see Medical Doctors as demigods(rather than a health care provider) irrespective of their level of medical competencies, degree of education or years of clinical experience – All you need do is to enroll in a medical school, let your village people know that you will become a doctor in a couple of years and you are immediately awarded the regalia of godly reverence) 

We as human beings are mandated by God to watch over one another(love your neighbors as yourself) and acquiring the knowledge of basic emergency skills is one sure way to avoid sending our beloved to eternal oblivion for what we failed to do. Kindly join the sequel to this episode as I highlight basic actions one could take in cases of bleeding, choking, fire accident, cardiac arrest as well as other emergency conditions. 


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