“Help me! My wife caught me sucking our house girl’s boobs”…


The above caption was what i stumbled upon as i picked up my phone this morning to peruse my social media apps in a bid to get myself updated with various gossips and gists i might have missed over the night.
I brooded on this caption for a while and i was left with a question that has prompted me to put up this post. “WHO SHOULD BE SUCKING THE BREASTS”-the child or the man.
This rhetoric is not out of place as you would agree with me that an average societal woman prefers her breasts are sucked by her lover rather than a child who solely depends on its content for a better life because this average societal woman has an escalating sense of premonition that links breast feeding with breast sagging  but does not feel that breast sucking by an over aged could also sag the breasts (one major factor that has made so many mothers breastfeed their babies out of their own free will rather than taking it as an obligation). Many women also do not want to feed their babies in public but wouldn’t hesitate to showcase their breasts to the world all in the name of fashion.


Breastfeeding is as old as man and it is till today the mainstay of an individual’s early developmental processes. Unfortunately as indispensable as the act of breastfeeding is, it has continued to suffer a massive setback because mothers have failed to recognize the benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding to the growing child.


Moreover, going by the principle of tabula Rasa by John Locke. Who you are is a function of what was instilled in you when you were way younger. The educationalist believed that children are born as “blank slates” beginning their lives as neutral beings but as time passes by and the child develops,he is moulded cognitively, physiologically and psychologically by a couple of external factors of which diet (breast milk) is a great shareholder and streamlining this principle to suit this post i would rather say that who you are; A frail or a robust individual? An intelligent or a dull individual? A humane or an inhumane individual? is a function of how much or how less of breast milk you had while you were a child.
Making the decision to breastfeed is a personal matter but as personal as it may be, the welfare of the child involved should come before any personal factor because the benefits of breast milk to an individual is multifaceted as it ranges from health, economic to social benefits both in the short run and in the long run.
°Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants (it has a nearby perfect mix of vitamins, protein and fat-everything a baby needs to grow).
°It is easily digested than infant formula
°It contains antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria.
°It lowers your baby’s risk of having asthma or allergies; gastrointestinal problems-diarrhoea,infections, respiratory illnesses, diabetes, obesity (all long term benefits)
°It has been linked to higher I.Q scores in later childhood.


°It creates a closeness, skin to skin touching and eye contact which all help your baby to bond with you, feel secure, boost his self confidence and also develop the humane attributes in the child. Thereby making the child morally upright in the long run.


It has also been found out that most criminals are from broken homes and this is not far fetched because a broken home has little or no amount of breast milk to offer to a growing child.


Provide your child with what he requires today,make  him a better person and  save yourself and your child (in the long run)the stress of battling some health issues that could have best been prevented if adequate breastfeeding regimen was followed.
“A happy and healthy child makes a happy and healthy society”


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