Alone was i in my room,my eyelids were about to shield their balls as i patiently waited for sleep to get me wrapped in it’s comforting embrace. You could only imagine how much i had prepared (like an expectant “preggy”) towards the birth of what i had envisaged to be a long journey into sleep re-formation after seven nights of disturbed sleep pattern related to the fact that i am a Nurse and as such i have over the years come to the realization that part of what makes me stand out is my ability to forsake my convenience irrespective of the time (especially on night shifts), situation or location in a bid to ensure that lives are saved while those that could not be saved are led to a “peaceful death”.


However,this ideate journey came to a halt when my phone rang and as i hesitantly swiped the answer icon all i could hear from the other side was the voice of an  older friend who had called to share with me the problems he is facing regarding how he keeps accumulating excess belly fat and his inability to maintain a normal weight. He explained to me how he had been rejected  and turned down by some ladies he liked but who found his image unappealing and how frequently he had been faced with the challenges of dealing with bad comments from some frustrating “niccurs” who are highly talented in using their rima oris to enunciate some statements that could awaken the suicidal tendencies in you.


But could you believe that amidst all these complaints, all my friend was concerned about was people’s perception of his body image and how bad he hated his body rather than bracing up to forestall the potential health consequence he may have to deal with from having an excess abdominal fat also known as central obesity.


Abdominal obesity (beer belly, beer gut, pot belly, beer pot) is when too much fat around the stomach and abdomen has built up to the extent that it is likely to have a negative impact on health. Just like my friend, I’m quite sure many of you with abdominal obesity have been more concerned about people’s perception of your body image than the health risks associated with this condition. (I believe you should have a change of concern by now).
Everyone has some belly fat, even people who have flat abs and are as slim as i am. It is normal because this fat help to cushion your internal organs and also help to keep them in their right positions but too much of this belly fat can affect your health and in the long run if not checked could put you at risk of having to battle some medical conditions like heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dementia, breast cancer, colon cancer etc.
Although people claim that central obesity especially in men is only prevalent among people in the upper social class but couple of researches have debunked this claim and concrete causes have been established:


°Chronic alcohol consumption especially in men


°Sedentary lifestyle (when you are utilizing less calories than you are consuming)
°High level of meat (red) consumption
°Drugs e.g Steroids, oral contraceptive pills etc.
°High consumption of fatty foods and junks
°Age (Middle age)
°Hormones e.g Cortisol
°Late night diet
There are few ways by which you can know if you actually have central obesity but the easiest way you can keep yourself in check is to measure your waist size using a measuring tape. You can do this while standing so you could get an accurate reading.


Your waist size should not be greater than 35inches as a woman and not greater than 40inches as a man.
Getting rid of your belly bulge is not a joking “sturve” just as trying to get small fat into this my slim body has been one hell of a task, all you need is determination and consistency in any method you have chosen to get rid of the excess fat but you will agree with me that prevention has been, is still and will always be the best.
All you need do is to;
°Engage in exercises :aerobics, jogging, walking etc


°Cut down on anything fat, eat plenty fibre containing foods, fruits, veggies and take plenty of water
°Ensure you have at least 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night
°Look for a means to manage your stress well.


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