The continuous search for affection and companionship by homo sapiens has been an age long thing and since the inception of the institution known for this purpose (Marriage), i perceive that it has undergone some degrees of evolution which i have actually experienced ever since my androgenic hormones swung into their full action. One of such evolutions is the shift from the original definition of marriage as being a union between a man and a woman to the recent declaration of it as the union between two consenting adults. This alteration  has sprung up a massive backlash from various sections you could think of even though it is quite becoming accepted in the global community. Moreover, this really is not an issue that should bother me  right now as it has almost nothing to do with this post but i just feel it is  high time everyone was given the freedom and the right to show affection for whoever he is attracted to so long as the other party approves the gesture (At least, love na love).


However,the other modification i feel marriage has undergone over the past few decades is its ascension from the level of  being a physiological need to the level of being an indicator of self actualization and this form of alteration has almost everything to do with this post. I’m quite sure most of you will understand the point I’m driving at especially if you are older but for the sake of the youngsters, lemme break it down. Marriage in the periods before the twenty first century was known to be a rite for young people (both men and women in their twenties or younger) but nowadays,it is not unusual for you to see a man who is still a bachelor at forty and a woman who is still a spinster at thirty five  because every individual in this age and time wants to achieve his goal, attain a particular kind of social status and possess some sort of financial comfort before considering the issues of marriage. Although, i don’t fault these people because i know everyone has the right and the reason to decide when to be married or get married but I’m just concerned about the medical issues that could be associated with late marriage especially for females as guys have little or no health challenges linked to late marriage.


Like one of my very intimate colleagues used to say “If the womb is not carrying a baby, it definitely will carry a tumor”. This is just a parlance that showcases how delayed marriage in women could pose a kind of medical threat called uterine fibroid to their womanhood.


Uterine fibroids are non cancerous growths that develop in or around a woman’s womb. They develop from normal womb muscle cells that start growing abnormally. They are very common. Infact, many women have uterine fibroids at some point in life but they are usually to small to cause any problem.
If you are an active reader of my posts you should know by now that there is no medical condition without it’s risk factors. Meanwhile, that of uterine fibroid include;
°Early menstruation : That is if you began menstruating before age 10
°Absence of pregnancy: This leads me back to the above parlance… “If pikin no grow for that womb, sometin else must surely grow”
°Family history.
The signs and symptoms are however not unusual ;
°Prolonged menstrual periods (7days or more)
°Heavy bleeding during periods
°Fullness in the belly or pelvis


°Pain in the lower belly or pelvis
°Painful sexual intercourse
This preventive advice looks quite awkward though but it sure reduces the incidence of uterine fibroid
°Ladies,please get married “in time and not on time or after time”because it is ideally believed that marriage is what precedes the stages of fatherhood and motherhood. But if you know that age is no longer on your side and there is no potential man around the corner. Please, for your sake just go and get pregnant. I’m not so interested in how you want to go about it, all i just want to prevent is you being a patient of uterine fibroid.
°Visit the hospital when you experience any of the above signs and symptoms.
A popular idiom states that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop but in like expression i would rather say that an unusually vacant womb is the fibroid’s residence.
Hello ladies! Be on the lookout.


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