**Disclaimer: Contains an explicit image, viewers’/readers’ discretion advised**

There exist so many but rarely talked about medical conditions in Nigeria. Over the week, i was privileged to come across a 40 year old extended attachment of mine who was in a dilemma of making treatment choices concerning a particular health condition he had been faced with since he was 33 years old. He had been on frequent sojourns to hospitals, churches, mosques and traditional centres all in the bid to get an everlasting cure for his plight as every attempt to rid his ass of its incessant hurting had only been yielding temporary outcomes as opposed to his desire of finding a lasting solution.
Although, i managed to provide the ‘attachment’ with an  insight of his condition as well  as professional counsel which is already generating some of his sought after (positive) effects but i feel the insight should ‘be one for all rather than all for one’. I’m sure that you already have running through your mind an imagination of what this condition could be. Well, it is basically hemorrhoid which is known in the common parlance as pile, jedi jedi etc.
Before i make any procession, i would like to give you an access to the meaning of some medical terms which you may find implicit as you construe this episode.
°Anus: The excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal
°Alimentary canal: A tubular passage from the mouth to the anus, that helps in digestion and excretion
°Constipation: Difficulty passing faeces
°Defecate: To pass faeces
°Rectum: The terminal/end section of the alimentary canal


Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels (pipes carrying blood round your body) in the lower rectum. They are grouped into types (internal and external) based on the location. Although hemorrhoids are a common condition diagnosed in clinical practice, many people are too embarrassed to ever seek treatment.
Many people till today still hold on to the superannuated belief that hemorrhoid is caused by eating too much sugar, i categorically state it clearly to you now that there has been no proven link between Excess sugar intake and development of hemorrhoid.

Nonetheless, this does not disprove the fact that there are certain risk factors that could predispose you to this condition ;
°Chronic constipation
°Chronic diarrhoea
°Prolonged sitting
°Rigorous straining during activity or defecating
°Familial tendency
°Liver disease


°Rectal surgery
°Anal intercourse etc


One with hemorrhoid could present with the following signs and symptoms;
° Anal Pain which may be spontaneous or experienced on sitting 
°Anal itching
°Bleeding from the anus
°Anal protrusion

However, hemorrhoids are not usually treated unless they bother you. But if treatment is eventually considered, the method used is determined by its cause, symptoms, grade of hemorrhoid(grades 1,2,3 or 4) and the patient involved.


Moreover, to escape being faced with a series of painful and jutting anal vessels the role of prevention cannot be overemphasized ;
°Avoid constipation by eating high fibre diets such as beans, oats, fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, corn, wheat etc


°Shed that excess body weight


°Avoid prolonged sitting on the toilet (especially to those who keep themselves company with phones and newspapers while ‘pooing’)


°Drink plenty of water
°Have occasional warm baths


°Avoid prolonged sitting at work(learn to take a walk)
°Improve your anorectal hygiene and make sure your anus is well prepared for any sexual activity.


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