“NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE (NOSUM)” is a spectacular, fantastic and virtuous ideology backed by spiritual and moral principles- but sincerely speaking,as more people seem to be campaigning for the validation of this practice, how many youths of this ‘rocket’ age (not jet age anymore) can actually sustain this beautiful ideology. A handful i guess (kindly drop a comment if your guess is contrary).

The 12th day of August is annually set aside to observe the INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY which draws attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding the youth but as the world celebrated this year’s with a theme focused on eradication of poverty and ensuring sustainable production and consumption, i would like to adopt a theme which is focused on eradication of sexually transmitted diseases and ensuring sustainable protection against venereal diseases as i wouldn’t want to bore you with the series of economic issues cascading us as a nation since this is already over emphasized.
Although, advocating for the NOSUM ideology is a good thing oh but i would not want you to be blind to the fact that premarital sex is fast becoming a norm in our society and it would be beneficial that we gear our energy towards proper education on how to practice a safer sex rather than dwelling in pretence and denying the obvious.

Sex according to Abraham Maslow is a basic physiological need of everyman- heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals etc and an urge in an individual is not a problem just as the urge for food isn’t neither is it out of place for you to be ‘horny’. It only becomes a problem when you execute your sexual urges and will without indulging the right protection practices.

Sexually transmitted diseases/infections-STDs or STIs are diseases/infections that are transmitted through sexual means be it oral, anal or vaginal (one route is just as infectious as the other) as well as any form of contact with biological fluids (blood, semen, vaginal fluids and saliva in rare cases -hepatitis). They are common especially among young people because;
°Most young people have more than one sexual partner
°Young women’s bodies are biologically more susceptible to STD
°Many young people in the bid to explore their sexual abilities tend to engage in some risky practices
°Many young people are naive about sex related issues
°Many young people are hesitant to talk openly and honestly with a Doctor or Nurse about their sex lives.
It bothers me how youths who meet for sex these days only focus their concern on HIV and neglect the organisms causing other STDs as if they could not be deadlier than the dreaded HIV.
As you all know that my focus is always on prevention, i wouldn’t want to deviate out of focus but it is pertinent that i highlight some signs and symptoms generally common to most venereal diseases ;
°Penile or vaginal discharges which could be thick, clear, cloudy, white, greenish, yellowish or bloody.

°Pain or burning sensation when urinating
°Vaginal itching
°Strong vaginal odour
°Heavy menstrual bleeding
°Irregular menstrual period
°Lower abdominal pain
°Pain during sexual intercourse in women
°Itching or irritation inside the penis
°Pain on ejaculation
°Swollen, painful testicles (balls)
°Painful bowel movements (Infections through anal sex)

°Anal itching(Infections through anal sex)
°Classic signs and symptoms include- Fever, headache, sore throat, rash, fatigue etc

Although in preventing STDs, condoms (male and female types) are highly effective for reducing their transmission but no method is FOOLPROOF because condoms could get torn while the coitus is on.
I just become clueless when some ‘foolishly wise’ guys think they could double the condoms for proper protection. This is highly wrong as it poses the condom to higher risk of being torn due to the effect of friction between both rubbers.

Some more foolish ones will even avoid the use of condoms and try out a sex position (girl on top) they feel is protective against transmission of STDs (SMH for your souls).
The most foolish ones are those who also avoid the use of condoms and feel that withdrawing the penis from the vagina prior to ‘coming’ would reduce their risk of getting infected (SMH for your destinies).
Be FAITHFUL to your partner but do not assume that your partner is faithful to you and avoid protective measures (It will shock you aswear)
In conlusion no matter what means of prevention you adopt, ABSTINENCE is key and the surest means available – if you have sex(oral, anal, vaginal or genital touching) you can get STD. Straight or Gay, Married or Single, you are vulnerable to STDs. No matter where you stick the phallus always remember that one route is as infectious as the other.



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