Good evening pals! Trust your week has been hitch free? Mine has been pretty crazy tho. 😱

Having discussed the meaning, causes, effects and prevention of hypertension in my previous episodes, i would like to take advantage of this concluding episode to dwell on an interesting factor which most people don’t really talk about anyways but i assure you that this would be an eye opener. Like i highlighted in the latter part of my last episode,i mentioned some factors that affect the perception and beliefs hypertensive patients have about the disease. Please pals, i enjoin you to tag along as i explore these factors unsentimentally.

Talking of sentiments- Beliefs or judgements that are not founded on proof or certainty, it is quite disturbing how an average African individual puts sentiments into most of the things he gets involved in. This however has caused a ripple setback in the bid to successfully subdue the subtle slayer- Hypertension. Below are the four categories in details;

Shenanigan is the use of tricks to deceive someone(usually to extort money from them). You will agree with me that we have so many tricksters/deceivers amongst us and you likely would have had one or more encounters with them. They can afford going to any length and using any means available to strip you of your resources.

Meanwhile, for the purpose of this ‘disco’ i would like to explain a unique kind of shenanigan which almost everyone who has commuted within Lagos using the mass transit buses (Molue) is familiar with. This kind of trick and deceit is exhibited by ‘drug peddlers’ who get into the bus like an average passenger, wait patiently till the bus gets filled and then rise up to excitedly mesmerize the naive passengers with an high pitched and over rehearsed explanation of how potent their drugs are and how a particular kind of drug could cure all diseases combined(Hypertension, diabetes, infertility, arthritis etc)
However, what gives them away to a discerning individual is the rate of inconsistencies, errors and other balderdashes their seemingly ‘sweet’ stories come with. I don’t have a problem with the act these people put up oh ( cos i understand sey man must wack),the only issue i have is when the drugs they sell start affecting people’s health negatively instead of positively.
°Avoid buying drugs in buses or in traffic as their effectiveness cannot be guaranteed
°Go to a pharmacist with a prescription from the Doctor and get the right drugs.
°No drug cures multiple diseases of unrelated causes or pathology, by this i mean No drug is ‘gbogbonishe’

These set of people are just stubborn, obstinate, adamant, incalcitrant and above all, non compliant to already prescribed Anti hypertensives. They tell them one thing and they do the extreme opposite but if you ask me the reason for this behavior, ‘i no know who to ask oh! ‘

Some of them are learned, quite financially stable( so poverty is out of it) and well aware of their hypertensive status but they still resist following their drug regimen as stated. Infact, i don’t have much to say about this set of people because I’m really furious at the moment.
°Use your drugs as advised
°Follow all management therapy(Na only person wey get life fit do strong head oh… Once you are gone, it’s over!)

This category is full of ignorant individuals who know nothing about hypertension as a disease. Despite the level of public awareness on the disease and global calls for regular blood pressure checks, they prefer to ignore the calls and would only pick up (Like Adekunle Gold) when the situation is almost or totally out of hand. However, most of them also have the mindset that Hypertension can be cured.


°Hypertension cannot be cured, it could only be managed( just like tribal mark is to the face,so is hypertension to the body… It requires life long management)

This is the last category of people i would reluctantly discuss and this is because of the attachment this category has with religious beliefs. The issue of religion is a sensitive subject in our clime, so i need to tread with caution on this discussion (we don too carry the tin for head pass the oyinbo wey bring am sef).

These set of people believe more in the spiritual than the physical. They believe so much in miracles( miracles are real tho) and the healing stripes of Jesus. To have these beliefs are very good, infact they are fantastic but do you remember that the bible states that ‘Do not test the LORD your GOD’, ‘faith without work is dead’ and ‘wisdom is profitable to direct’ ( ruminate on these). Please as an hypertensive patient,the fact that you are immersed in faith does not mean you should ignore the work aspect which in this case is the regular compliance to your drugs.
Finally, it is high time you woke up from your sentimental coma and face your life situations in realistic ways rather than dying a nescient, a defiant and an indolent creature. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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