Good evening buddies! How are you today? 🙌🙋 Below is the sophomore episode since my blog debuted this August. It is as well the continual part of my previous episode… Enjoy!


“Prevention they say, is cheaper and better than cure” but if prevention is better why do people neglect preventing the preventable and prefer the fire brigade approach when the centre could no longer hold rather than doing what is needful before ‘things fall apart’.
Anyways, i believe that the reason is not far fetched as you already know that delay is our ‘alter ego’ (We no dey act except the tin don hook us).


Nonetheless, it is still my duty to dole out some preventive tips (If you do not have hypertension) as well as a few management tips (If you are hypertensive) that would help suppress the pressure and restore normalcy to the escalating figures. Like i listed in the preceding episode, there are some factors that cause High Blood Pressure which are beyond your control such as Age, Race and Heredity. Yeah! It’s true that they are beyond your control but they completely do not qualify you as a potential hypertensive just as being born into a poor home does not make you a potential pauper (It’s a matter of choice). However, here are some basic but pertinent choices you have to make to subdue this subtle slayer;
°Quit smoking and Reduce alcohol intake (Their contents narrow your blood vessels and make it difficult for blood to flow through freely)
°Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses or 2-3 litres of water/day makes your blood less thick and less heavy)
°Avoid excess consumption of oily foods- Africans can fry anything:roll:! (Oil especially the bad ones settle along your blood vessels, narrowing it and making blood flow difficult)


°Watch that weight by engaging in exercises and eating more vegetables/fruits than junks(The era of flaunting that fat is gone, slim bod is the new sexy☺💃)


°Go for regular medical checkup.


‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ (Benjamin Franklin)
If you are an hypertensive, all you need do in addition to the above tips is to👇


This undeniably is the umpteenth time you would come across this kind of discussion in respect to hypertension but despite this abundance of information, it is worrisome how High Blood Pressure is still known to cause about 93.7% of sudden unknown deaths in Nigeria. As a LICENSED NURSE, going by my numerous encounters with many hypertensive clients i have come to realize that Nigerians still hold on to certain sentiments which keep holding us back in many ways. But in respect to the topic being discussed, i have been able to group hypertensives based on how these sentiments affect their perception of the disease and the way they handle it. The categories which would be elaborated in the next episode include-
°The preys of traditional shenanigans
°The Nescient
°The indolent faithfuls
°The natural defiant
I request that you ride along with me to the next episode as i elaborate these four interesting categories for your reading pleasure… Te amour!😘



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