Hey buddies!🙋🙌Thanks for viewing my last post🙏. I believe you are doing awesome as usual:D.


“Over 93.7% of sudden unexpected deaths in Nigeria is caused by stroke and heart failure induced by chronic High Blood Pressure”😑
It was a noisy atmosphere,the afternoon was cool. Mama! Mama!! Com check your BP. A young lady with a digital Blood  pressure monitor yelled (loud enough to deafen the deaf) at passers-by who obviously do not have her time as everyone including me made hurried but cautious treads through the mucky waters of the ever busy oyingbo market (South west, Nigeria). I walked up to her sympathetically as she beckoned to me not because i don’t have a regular blood pressure check, but because i needed to get practical insights about how much patronage she gets on a daily basis (As a blogger that i am na 😜).So we both settled for the check and as she put the cuff round my arm, i asked if people do come to her to get their blood pressure checked but her response was worrisome as she explained that only few people do come to her.


From her explanations, i could deduce immediately that out of the few people who had come, only 25% checked with an intuition that regular Blood pressure checks is beneficial while the remaining 75% stumbled across her probably when they sensed a funny and abnormal feeling about their health.


High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) is a chronic ‘silent murderer’ which has claimed many innocent lives and has turned many homes 👪 into shambles than Boko haram, Fulani herdsmen, Niger delta Avengers and ISIS put together but i can assure you categorically that no matter how well buratai deploys the military to fight insurgency they can never win the war against this endemic as  it is more of personal war than national war. Blood flows round the body through pipes (vessels) at a normal pressure of 120/80 mmHg but factors within our control and beyond such as; Hormonal imbalance, blood vessel disorders, emotional/nervous disturbances, age (30 and above), race (black), drugs, overweight, smoking, family history and other diseases can cause a pressure overshoot thereby escalating the blood pressure beyond normal level.


Now, let’s bring it back home. What happens when water flows through your plumbing system at high pressure😱? Well, its simple- The pipes begin to leak overtime. Based on this illustration,one could actually identify one of the dangers of High blood pressure as this phenomenon also relates to our blood vessels, they get weakened and burst (especially in the brain, thereby causing stroke) when blood moves through them at high pressure.
However, the good news💃is that you can actually scare away Lucifer by first getting to know your blood pressure then every other decision follows based on thepressure you measure“.


As i end this episode (expect more episodes on hypertension), i charge you to sacrifice that little 10 minutes out of your 24 hours (very small abi:roll:) to “Measure your Pressure” today and just like you hear it everyday from the unrelenting gospel preachers “Tomorrow may be too late“, so ACT now because “Delay is Toxic“. Enjoy the rest of your week. Aloha🙋!


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